Penguin Algorithm Becomes Even Harsher

penguin-updateInternet marketing companies have found out that Google is striving to progressively reduce its lenience towards web spam. Thus even websites that have as little as 50% of suspicious links inside their link profiles will fall prey.

In the beginning, Google Penguin did not penalize websites if they had a percentage of suspicious links under 80%. Compared to its present standards for awarding penalties, the reduction in Google’s tolerance has been significant, a whopping 30%. And that is not all, because we are promised that the Google Penguin updates will become increasingly stricter.

It is no wonder then that the SEO community have voiced their concern about the diminishing rates of tolerance of spammy links. Everyone is asking the question of how far that diminishing trend will go.

Besides, there have been some other concerns raised in connection with another highly touted Google update. Rumor has it that there must have been the 25th Google Panda update coming on the stage, although Google has issued no formal confirmation; do not expect to be informed beforehand, as the search engine behemoth has made it clear that there will be no longer such announcements before Google Panda updates are released.

The reason is that these updates will be part and parcel of Google’s general ongoing algorithm updates, so people should expect them to be launched over several days, and the effect should not be expected to be strongly visible.

Matt Cutts from Google made the announcement last week and dwelt on the manner in which the Google Panda updates were to be handled. He was followed by the company spokesperson who shared with a prominent SEO service the important news about the discontinuation of announcements for the future; according to him, there should be no expectations of future tweets or other confirmation by Google regarding the forthcoming Panda activity updates.

But no announcement does not mean the stringent Panda has gone into hibernation. It is there, hiding in the vast online space, and ready to adapt its ranking policies according to the consecutive updates, alas, unbeknownst to the online community and to the SEO community in particular. SEOs should brace up for tough tasks, as Google Panda is growing in stringency while punishing link spam.